Flippin' Folio Gift Bundle

Flippin' Folio Gift Bundle

Notebook Colour
Infinity Black
Midnight Blue
Neptune Teal
Deep Space Grey
Scarlet Sky
Terrestrial Green
Capsule Colour
      • Have you ever felt forced to choose between style and substance? We hate it when that happens. That's why we created the Flippin' Folio Gift Bundle. This combination is both practical and polished, and will have you doing front-flips from joy for all it can do for your personal and professional notetaking needs.

      • Flip Notebook

        Letter Size: 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm / 32 pages
        Executive Size: 15.2 cm x 22.4 cm / 36 pages

        • Options for lined and dot-grid templates on front and back, respectively for a personalized note-taking experience
        • Works with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter for smooth writing
        • Rocketbook app scans and connects your notes to the cloud to digitally save and share your notes
        • Pages are erasable with included microfiber cloth and Pilot FriXion pen for endless reuse

        Flip Capsule

        Letter Size: 30 cm x 25.4 cm (Fits Letter Size Flip)
        Executive Size: 15.2 cm x 22.4 cm (Fits Executive Size Flip)

          • Uniquely designed to fit the Rocketbook Flip’s top-turn binding
          • 100% recyclable cover for guilt-free note-taking
          • Washable, lightweight, and durable for your notes’ protection
          • Magnetic clasp for easy access
          • Includes a pen dock, inside pocket, and multiple card slots for all your mission-critical supplies
      • The Flip notebook’s unique top-bound design is perfect for taking fast and flexible notes. Combined with the uniquely designed Flip Capsule, your notes won’t just be fast and flexible, but fashionable (not to mention well-protected). Built for working professionals, students, journalists, graduates, and writers, this bundle is a more sophisticated note-taking experience for lefties--or for anyone who enjoys flipping their notes instead of turning them. Anyone who receives this duo as a gift is guaranteed to flip out.