5 Sane, Rational and Practical Reasons Why We Offer Free Rocketbook Pages

April 01, 2017 2 min read

5 Sane, Rational and Practical Reasons Why We Offer Free Rocketbook Pages

We know it sounds crazy. Free printable PDF pages that let you use the Rocketbook system without spending a single dime? I mean, we are a business, right? So, how do we remain profitable if we’re showing people a backdoor that lets people use Rocketbook for free?

The short answer is: we’re not jerks. We recognize that there are some perfectly sane, rational and practical situations in which current or prospective users may benefit from a free page or two. And our learnings have confirmed it: providing free pages helps users at every stage of the process. Here are five legit situations in which our free pages can be used:

  • You can’t wait to get started. Your shipment is on the way and you’re at home twiddling your thumbs while you wait. Stalking the mailman (again) is no longer an option--he’s liable to put out a restraining order this time. If you need an, erm...distraction, free pages are a great way to give you a headstart on setting up your app so that your book is ready to use the second it arrives.
    1. You forgot the Rocketbook you already own. It happens. You get on a plane, reach into your bag and realize you left your Rocketbook at home. That doesn’t mean you have to take notes the old way ::fights nausea:: for the duration of your trip. Just print out a few free pages and keep saving your notes to the cloud until you’re reunited with your beloved book.
    2. You lost your Rocketbook and you don’t want to lose productivity until your new one arrives. First off, no biggie. Since it’s a Rocketbook, you’ve been blasting your notes to the cloud all along and chances are, you haven’t lost a single thing from your book. But now you need a new one. As you’re waiting for it to arrive, why not use free pages in the meantime?
    3. You want to try before you buy. Hey skeptics: we’ve got your back. If you want to test out the Rocketbook app and features before taking the life changing purchase-plunge, have at it. We want you to love your purchase and welcome the opportunity to let you try our system risk-free.
    4. You like free stuff. Sure, our free pages may seem like a long-term hack. But, we think you’ll come to the same conclusion we have: printable pages are only great as a temporary solution. Loose leaf throwaway pages are no match for the durability, reusability, eco-friendliness and sheer magic of our full line of Rocketbook products.

    Want free pages? Go right ahead, and download them right here:



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