10 Secret Ways To Erase A Rocketbook Notebook

November 11, 2020 4 min read

Even the ways you didn’t know you wanted.

Everyone knows Rocketbook notebooks are endlessly reusable. Actually, maybe you didn’t know… our notebooks are equipped with futuristic pages that allow the ink to be erased with water. So now you know.

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What you don’t know is that there are actually 10 different ways to erase a Rocketbook notebook. For years these ancient methods have been kept hidden from the world in a vault of Rocketbook secrets. Today, these secrets are revealed. We must warn you, these methods are not for the faint of heart, and if you do choose to read on, you are taking a vow to use this powerful knowledge responsibly.

We’re starting with the classic way to erase your Rocketbook notebook. For generations, Rocketbook users have used a spray bottle and microfiber cloth to wet their notes and wipe them clean. This is a perfectly fine way to erase, so you can stop here, there’s no reason to read on — quit while you still have a chance.

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Here we go, we tried to warn you. A day of taking notes is exhausting and can quickly work up a sweat. Make the most of your hard work by repurposing that sweat to wash away your notes. Ring out your sweaty t-shirt directly over your notebook for the best results. You’re cooling yourself off as your erase, so it’s efficient and not gross. Definitely not gross.

Years ago people would meet in the town square at high noon and duel to the death to settle an agreement. This is the notebook-erasing equivalent of that. With this method, you’re putting notes’ lives in your hand. One wrong move and the wrong page of notes might get wet and be lost forever. The experience will likely send you into shock and cause uncontrollable shaking which will conveniently dry the pages, so no need for a microfiber cloth.

Rocketbook notebooks have been known to elicit overwhelming joy for users. There’s an old legend about a woman who didn’t smile for 62 years. Then one day, a mysterious merchant visited her with a Rocketbook notebook and she was moved to tears by the happiness she felt after using it. So if you find yourself looking down at the notebook in your hands and involuntarily weeping tears of joy, overwhelmed by its sustainable design and power of productivity, do not panic, that is normal.

While the modern garden hose is mostly used to wash cars and water lawns, the original design came about in ancient Greece as early as the 8th century. Back then, the magistrates would use the hose to erase the important notes of their Rocketbook notebooks, a fact that’s long been omitted from history (until now).

Let’s move on to a more sophisticated method of notebook erasure. With a top hat on, and your monocle secured, use a squeegee to draw the unwanted notes towards the bottom of the page. This elegant erasing solution is perfect for a warm summer day and pairs well with a cold refreshment by the pool.

The Aztecs preferred this method for erasing their Rocketbook notebooks: the bathroom sink. It’s one of the most efficient ways to wet your pages and is easy to use. Once you’re in the bathroom, the toothbrush is just an arms reach away and is designed for cleaning. We do recommend using separate brushes for your teeth and your notes, just to be safe.

Why waste time erasing your Rocketbook when you can fit it into your daily routine? Save time by cleaning your notebook as you clean yourself. Let the warm water wash away your suds as well as your notes, then dry off the dripping pages with a towel. While we recommend erasing your notebook at least once a month, most doctors recommend showering at least 3 times a week.

True Story: In 2018, a Rocketbook intern came into the office and recalled an instance when he actually used this method. When asked to comment, he said “one day I figured what the hell, I gotta shower anyway”. This is completely true. He added “turns out the word spread, because for a while there I was just known as “Shower Guy”.

Back in the day, this was the primary method by which the British royal family erased their Rocketbook notebooks. It’s the most calming technique on this list and it involves a loofa, which is a win-win. Hop in the tub, light a few candles, and scrub your notes away.

We’ve put this at the end of our list because it’s the most fun. Grab your Rocketbook notebook as you frolic through the splashing water of your sprinkler and watch the pages wash away as you laugh it up. It’s wholesome, it’s easy, and it’s the perfect way to close out the 10 secret ways to erase a Rocketbook notebook.

Congrats, you’ve now discovered and mastered the ancient secrets of erasing a Rocketbook notebook. Be responsible with your newfound knowledge, and be sure to use the Rocketbook app to scan and save your notes before using any of these methods, otherwise your valuable ideas will be lost forever.



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