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Bring your school notebook into the 21st Century Imagine having just one book in your rucksack, not one for every subject.

Authentic paper and pen feel. Use a Pilot FriXion pen

Write notes, then use the app to upload, organise and store in any cloud location.

Wipe clean with water whenever you want and start all over again

Rocketbook For Education

Pen & Paper - the most basic technology in the classroom just got a tech injection. For students and teachers alike, welcome to modern education.

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Rocketbook In The Classroom

The heavy rucksack with a notebook for each subject, stacks of notebooks with revision each year, notes on kid's work taking up shelves of space...

Sound farmiliar? Rocketbook is here to change that

Feeling like a regular pen and paper, Rocketbook can help you organise and dominate your note taking.

Use the app to upload notes straight to a specific folder on your cloud. Use the Smart Title feature to name it digitally straight away. Search through a thousands pages of notes to find the one page you were looking for instantly.

The Possabilities are huge, the only question is why aren't you using one already?

How it works

Organise & Share.

Got an iPhone or Android? Prepare to harness the future of notes in the palm of your hand. Use the free Rocketbook app to configure popular cloud services as your scan destinations. On each page, just cross out the right icon at the bottom of the page and your scan will be stored in the correct place straight away.

Smart Features

Smart Search Your Notes - A Revision Masterclass

Rocketbook’s Handwriting Recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to transcribe and search your handwritten text.

With Smart Search, all you need to do is enter a keyword that was written within that note or whiteboard and you’ll find it instantly!

Want to find those History notes on WW2 from last December? We have you covered in 5 seconds.

What people are saying about Rocketbook


Great For Uni

I've had this since September for uni and it has been amazing for lessons! I can write tonnes of information, scan it to the app and upload it to my cloud so I can always find my notes and then wipe it clean for my next lessons. Brilliant product. If you're a lefty though you may struggle with smudging.
Emily on Dec, 2020

Perfect for To-Do Lists and Enviromentally Friendly

This is the notebook I’d always dreamed of. I make to-do lists every day but don’t need to keep a hard copy once everything is checked off. With my Rocketbook Core, I create the list, check things off, wipe the page and start again. Ive only been using it for 2 weeks and have already saved so much time and paper (and space).
Kelli on Feb 20, 2020


This is the best school supply I have and I use it for so much more. Just today, I used my new pack of colored pens and made a to-do list on the back of one of the school assignments I need to turn in tomorrow. I got a wet cloth and no one will ever see that list again. I save all of my notes and assignments to the cloud and just email them to my teachers.
Adam on Feb, 2020


We know, 'eco-friendly' is a bit of a buzzword but not really very specific.

Strictly, our aim with Rocketbook is to reduce paper waste. This can be in the form of both reducing paper being thrown away, but also reduced manufacturing of paper notebooked.

Did you know that it takes over 500 LITERS of water to manufacture a 40 page paper notebook? In the UK, we use 12.5 million tonnes of paper annually... In fact, the average samily living in the UK throws away six trees worth of paper each year.

By being endlessly reusable, it means that you only have to invest in one notebook for the rest of time. This means doing your part to stop environmental impacts from paper production and reducing paper waste.

Yes it's true, there is no hiding Rocketbook is made of plastic. We liken it to a similar argument over buying an electric car instead of using your old one. Production has one set of impacts, but then ongoing use has another. We believe by keeping paper from landfill, you can feel good about yourself.

Rocketbook is also fully recyclable! It's made of a synthetic polycarbonate blend. The pages and binding come under PET #1 and the covers under HDPE #2.

Yes absoulutely, its great for everyone. Allow teachers to store and organise notes and lesson plans digitally is a game changer.

Once uploaded and stored forever, they can easily be pulled back up using the smart OCR search function for years to come.

We also have a special Teacher Planner aimed specifically at teachers. You can find it here

You can upload to all your existing locations including...Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, Box, OneNote, OneDrive, iMessage, iCloud, Trello, Google Photos and email to name just a few!

Rocketbook really is endlessly reusable! We have seen that over time if you leave notes for very long periods you may get some slight 'ghosting' however it hasn't stopped us using our notebooks since the company was created almost 8 years ago!

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