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One Notebook for Everything

Gone are the days of carrying a notebook for each subject and worrying about having the right one at study time. Rocketbook lets you take notes for any class on any page, and use our symbol-tagging system to blast your notes to the right place.

  • Organize your notes by subject, project or study group
  • Create shared folders that let you share notes and collaborate with classmates.
  • E-mail ideas and work products to your teachers or professors.
  • Archive your pages to the cloud, so that even if you forget your notebook, you’ll always have access to your notes.
  • Maintain an archived record of your work (homeschoolers, we’re talking to you).


For Teachers

Teachers love Rocketbook

  • Use Rocketbook to organize your notes and To Dos by class, project, or lesson plan
  • Get students on board with Rocketbook and collect homework and other communications directly through the app
  • Digitize your work flow and avoid carrying around heavy homework products that crowd your bag and live on paper

“Rocketbook helps me be a more agile teacher. If I pass out a homework assignment on Monday, I’m reviewing submissions Monday night. By the time I see my students on Tuesday, I’ve adjusted my lesson plan to focus on areas where they need help. Gaining a day of teaching speed for every assignment really adds up to huge learning momentum over the year.”

For Parents

Why parents invest in Rocketbook

  • Use shared folders to facilitate and expedite your review of your kids’ work.
  • Teach them healthy and effective study skills through digital organization.
  • Preserve your childrens’ standout work products and archive their shining academic moments
  • Your child will get into Harvard if he or she consistently uses Rocketbook (We’re joking. Kind of.)

“My kids work hard in school--I make sure of it. But important study notes sometimes get lost in the shuffle. With Rocketbook, I don’t have to worry about my kids being disorganized. Less time spent on logistics means more time spent learning. Better learning means better grades, and better grades means better colleges.”

The way you take notes is about to change.