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About Rocketbook

Do I need a Rocketbook notebook to use the Rocketbook app?

Is Rocketbook patent protected?


What is your privacy policy?

Notebooks & Pens


Can I get replacement pages?

Are there Rocketbook pages that I can customize?

How do I erase pages in my Rocketbook Everlast?

How do I erase pages in my Rocketbook Wave?

Do you offer notebooks that are smaller and/or larger than the Standard, Executive, and Letter sized notebooks?

There are some "ghost markings" on my Wave notebook pages after microwaving. What can I do?

What happens if I leave my Rocketbook Wave in the car on a very hot or cold day?


What kind of pens can I use with the Rocketbook Wave?

Do the Rocketbook notebooks come with penholders?